These are many and varied, the decision seems to be based on a traffic survey, paid for by public money which isn’t being made available to us because of concerns about commercial interest. This is only a snapshot of our concerns, more detail will eventually be made available and arguments will be added to. If you have any suggestions, especially regarding Starbeck, Knaresborough and Calcutt please email us

Public Amenity:

The places we love will be blighted, the activities we so enjoy curtailed.

The recreational area behind Peckett Way will be lost

Areas such as The Northern Outfall Allotments will be devastated.

Bilton Fields much loved by dog walkers, horse riders, children’s football fields and model aeroplane enthusiasts will be lost .

The Nidderdale Greenway one of, if not the, most enjoyed places in Harrogate will be splintered by these road proposals. Horse riders, walkers, cyclists, dog walkers all affected.


Much of this area is a special place for wildlife, some of our wildlife is already critically threatened.

Bilton Fields will lose some if not all of its trees, newly planted by the Community. Sky larks regularly nest in these fields and interesting and important wild flowers grow there.

Willow Woods considered a remnant of ancient woodland may go. A wonderful home to many woodland species most of which are declining.

The Greenway is an important site for whitethroat a summer visitor from Africa and protected slow worm. Some years ago a rare ladybird was found here, the first time it had been seen in Britain probably since before The Ice Age, the area needs a proper ecological examination to ensure we aren’t destroying these species.

We believe breeding in Bilton Beck Wood is the endangered willow tit, described by one local British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) member as the next British bird to go extinct, the population has declined by 79% in the period 1995–2010, and the range is contracting rapidly too.


The road will open up development opportunities between Harrogate and Knaresbough, merging these special places for ever and inevitably increasing the road traffic to capacity if current road usage continues to increase


It’s critical when considering a new road that alternatives are looked at. These are usually much cheaper than a road and better for people’s health. We have no evidence that this has taken place yet, but Park and Ride, Free School Buses re-introduced, more staggered school opening times, A better bus service including more free options. Traffic Lights working in unison, giving way to traffic approaching from the left and many more initiatives must be considered before we waste our money on a road.


The inner relief road options will only transfer the problems of Skipton and Knaresborough road to the inner relief road corridor possibly more people will be blighted, certainly more schools will be. Rat runs or bypass access roads will include Bilton Lane (Bilton Grange and Richard Taylor Schools), Woodfield Road (Woodfield School), Claro Road (Harrogate High), Bogs Lane (Henshaws), Forest Lane, Forest Moor Road, Hookstone Road (Hookstone School).


Pollution hot spots such as critically contaminated Bond End Knaresborough will not be improved by this scheme. Other high pollution areas will just remain or be transferred to new areas.