Nidd Gorge Community Action

Save The Gorge and Greenway

Minutes 21-3-17 – Bilton Community Centre – 7pm



Guy Kesteven

Anne Procter

Debbie Dilasser

John Jackson

Angela Jex

Sarah Kesteven

Jemima Parker




Chris Kitson (Chair)

Allan Smyth (Vice-Chair)

Tim Moorhouse (Membership  Sec)

Steve Wood

Rod  Beardshall

Malcolm Margolis

Rick Brewis

Trish Sanders         

David Bulmer

Geoff Foxall

Stuart Ibbotson

Kath Martin


Minutes of Last Meetings agreed

Conflicts of interest declaations

Geoff Foxall  standing for Labour in Starbeck in NYCC elections

David Bulmer sitting  Knaresborough Town Councillor (Labour)


Matters Arising (To be taken Separately Under Own headings)

  • Local elections – Committee discussed our response to NYCC election on 4th May It was agreed that all candidates in NYCC elections in affected wards will be asked to submit their views for publication in the NGG and on website and FB. Questions will be finalised at next meeting 4th April which is the day the candidate names  are announced.


  • Nidd Gorge Guardian – AP to report to next meeting


  • Affiliates – Discussion to be carried over to next meeting when AP present


  • Fundraising events :

:- Easter Sunday Treasure Hunt  – KM/SW/TB/RB  to organise.

:-Bilton Gala 1st MayKM has booked a 20’ stand.  AS/CK to organise.

:-Dawn Chorus Walk – Sunday 7th  May –SI to organise.

:-Film screening of ‘Demain’ –  MM to organise with JP

  • Traffic Survey update – AP to update at next meeting.


  • Bio diversity update – AP to update at next meeting.


  • Secretary/Treasurer


:– KM to talk to  Bilton Historical Society re: Treasurer role


:- Still seeking a Secretary


  • Conflict of interests statements :- Emails have been sent out on 20/03/17-Committee members to return ASAP


  • Skills audit :- To be sent out using Training Toolz software


  • Map:- . GK completed map of ‘The Area’ on Google Maps – Map boundaries approved


  • Signing constitution – TB, RB, DB,SI and GF all signed.







NGCA minutes 21-03-17
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