Nidd Gorge Community Action

Save The Gorge and Greenway

7-3-17 – Bilton Community Centre – 7pm




Chris Kitson (Chair)

Tim Moorhouse (Membership  Sec)

Steve Wood

Guy Kesteven

Anne Procter

Rod  Beardshall

Jemima Parker

Malcolm Margolis

Allan Smyth


Rick Brewis

Trish Brewis

David Bulmer

Debbie Dilasser

Geoff Foxall

Stuart Ibbotson

John Jackson

Angela Jex

Kath Martin

John Branson

Sarah Kesteven



Minutes of Last Meeting

Amended and agreed


Matters Arising (To be taken Separately Under Own headings)

  • The  Good Governance Code For Smaller Organisations (GGC)

All  present agreed rhat NGCA will abide by the code.


  • principle 5, section 3 of GGC

This section  of the GGC,  “dealing with conflicts of interest”,   was read to committee to inform the  subsequent discussions.



  • Register of interests


All present  agreed to submit a register by email. CK to action. Declarations of interest to be included on future agendas  and registered at start of each committee meeting.


  • Dealing with conflicts of interest/ Political associations of committee members –discussion and debate.

All present agreed  to  abide by guidelines set out in GGC and agreed that any individual who agrees with the aims of  the  NGCA can become a member and stand for election to the committee, in a personal capacity, but not as a representative of other groups or political parties.


  • NGCA policy on political affiliations.

As above


  • Signing of the constitution

9 attendees signed. CK to collect further signatures at future committee meetings.


  • Finalise the map of The Area

Area boundaries agreed for the campaign and for the  constitution aims. GK to draw up and bring to the next meeting.


  • Print/scan constitution and map for distribution to all committee members

GK to action


  • Skills audit

Members to email – CK to action


  • Discuss list of potential affiliates and decide who we  want to approach and how.

List to be discussed at next meeting, AP/GK to give overview of  Nidd Gorge Guardian strategy and present draft of next edition.


  • Bank account and role of Treasurer

Current funds £840 approx. Still looking for Treasurer. GK to advertise in Guardian. RB offered services if nobody  comes forward.


  • The role of Secretary

Still looking for Secretary,  GK to advertise in Guardian.


  • Agree a  written  response  to present to the  next  NYCC Area Meeting on 16th March.


CK response accepted for presentation, will contact Ruth Gladstone to book  a 3 minute  slot. TM happy to attend in CKs absence. SW planning to attend and talk about attraction of Nidd Gorge as recreational area. JP attending and presenting on sustainable transport on behalf of Zero Carbon. AP to make a presentation about public reaction and thanking Steering Group.


  • Traffic survey volunteers

AP gave an overview of the progress of the  traffic sub-group and agreed to present a written overview to the next committee. GK/AP to advertise in Guardian for volunteers for an impending, comprehensive traffic survey. TM to email members for volunteering. AP to bring survey details to next mtg. Ken Adams to provide overview of needs of traffic survey. He would like survey to take place in the next few weeks.


Items for next agenda:

Nidd Gorge Guardian


Fundraising events

Traffic Survey update Ken’s needs

Bio diversity update


Conflict of interests statements

Skills audit


Signing constitution

Website management


Meeting closed at 9.42pm.

Next meeting at BCC,  7pm, 21st March.


7-3-17 General committee meeting minutes.

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