Date: Tuesday 21st February, 7pm, Bilton Community Centre

Attendees:  80-100  attendees/prospective members from local communities in Harrogate and Knaresborough


  1. Who we are?
  2. Relief Road threat overview
  3. Progress of NGCA so far.
  4. Introduction from Acting Chair (with educational theme: Education in Nidd Gorge)
  5. Agreeing the Aims/Objects of NGCA
  6. Break – Enrolment of members/departure of non-members.
  7. Election of committee members/volunteering
  8. Finalising Constitution.


        Items discussed and decided:


  • Who we are? NGCA first came together on 15th Dec 2016 as concerned local citizens following the announcement of the resurrection of the road proposals.
  • Relief Road threat overview: C Kitson gave an overview of the proposals as set out in Transport Talk in Harrogate Advertiser on  29th Sept 2016 and the potential implications for the Nidd Gorge area.


  • Progress of NGCA so far:
  • NGCA members spent two days (17th and 18th Dec) at Bilton Junction mobilising Greenway users to respond to the Draft Town Plan consultation which closed on 23rd NGCA encouraged people to put in writing to the HBC consultation the value they place on Bilton Fields and Bilton Triangle as a recreational space and ask for them to be reclassified by HBC as ‘Designated Green Spaces’ . Northern Outfall Allotment holders and Grange Quarry users were also encouraged to respond similarily.
  • NGCA supporters leaflet dropped 7000 homes in the area with instructions  on how to respond to the threat to Green Spaces in the 10 days before the deadline of 23 December.
  • The response from the community was so positive that the HBC’s online portal was overwhelmed and crashed.
  • Open Day and Dog Walk on 28th and 29th were very successful in raising awareness and  mobilising a community response to the road proposals.
  • Petition signatures so far: 1250
  • Funds raised: £624
  • Website and Facebook page established.
  • First Nidd Gorge Guardian  newsletter printed,  7000 first editions delivered by 5 volunteers  to local


  • Introduction from Acting Chair (with educational theme: Education in Nidd Gorge)

Slideshow of conservation work and educational activities undertaken by Chris Kitson with Grove  Academy students in Nidd Gorge.


  • Agreeing the Aims/Objects of NGCA

Aims discussed and agreed:

  • To protect the Green Belt and the green spaces between Harrogate and Knaresborough (‘the Area’) particularly shown on the attached map; and preserve them as a space for education and recreation for the people of our towns, now and into the future.


A  majority of the  attendees present (approx 60) agreed that the NGCA campaign should concentrate on protecting the green corridor affected by the proposed blue and green routes (the inner relief roads), between Harrogate and Knaresborough, along the full length of the roads.  This  aim was carried.

Approx 20 people disagreed and  thought  the  NGCA should campaign against all roads, in favour of more sustainable measures  to relieve traffic congestion.


  • To develop public knowledge and understanding of the Area

Agreed unanimously.


  • To assist charities and associations whose objects apply within the Area.

Agreed unanimously.


  • Break – Enrolment of members/departure of non-members.

56 members enrolled

£213.20  raised

  • Election of committee members/volunteering

20 Committee members elected including Chair, Vice-Chair and Membership Sec.

It  was agreed that the Secretary and Treasurer role would be shared  amongst the committee until permanent volunteers  could be found.


  • Finalising Constitution.

Constitution  finalised and agreed by membership.


Date, time and venue of the next meeting:

7th  March 2017,  7pm,  Bilton Community Centre

Nidd Gorge Community Action – Inaugural AGM – Minutes

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